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Open Support and Share Groups are on the third Thursday every month from 6:00 to 7:30pm at the Starbrite Center, 343 Pitt St. – Register for January 19 using form in ‘support and share’ above


Inspiring hope and healing for those on their grief journey.

What We Do

No matter when, how, or who you lost, we provide an environment and resources to help you in your grief journey. Our programs and services range from one-to-one support sessions to open support and share group sessions. These are based on the peer-to-peer support model in which individuals with similar experiences share their stories, provide support, and inspire hope.

We are a community that has the courage to share and explore grief, and to be a beacon of hope for the future.

We travel the road together. We help the healing begin.


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Bereaved Families of Ontario – South Eastern Region

P.O. Box 2063

Cornwall, ON K6H 6N8


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