About Us

We are Bereaved Families of Ontario – South Eastern Region.

Mission Statement

We are the bereaved helping the bereaved learn to live with loss.


Bereaved Families of Ontario was founded by four bereaved mothers in Toronto in the year 1978. Initially nurtured by the Sick Children’s Hospital of Toronto, its particular focus is to provide support for families who have lost a child to death. The agency now has affiliates in seventeen and satellites in three municipalities across the province.
Bereaved Families of Ontario – South Eastern Region (previously Cornwall) is an affiliate of Bereaved Families of Ontario and has been in operation since November 1985. It has become the major local source for bereavement support, resources and information in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry and remains the only self-help agency that addresses and offers support free of charge to this community.

Tailored to individual community needs, Bereaved Families of Ontario – South Eastern Region has extended bereavement support beyond the loss of a child, spouse/partner, parents, siblings, survivors of suicide and recently, bereavement services for children/youth.

Bereaved Families of Ontario – South Eastern Region is a registered charitable organization whose programs are facilitated by individuals who have participated in a training program assigned and monitored by the Bereaved Families of Ontario Quality Assurance Program.