“When my wife passed away, I was a basket case. I visited Bereaved Families in Cornwall and the first time, all I did was vent in an angry way at the staff and cry. The second time I went, exactly the same scenario and each time I left I said to myself this is a complete waste of time. However, for some reason and I did not know why, I felt better for the remainder of the day. Then one day I went in and one of the young staff (Ileen) gave me a hug. That one hug seemed to start to turn everything around, I felt like there was someone out there that cared and I missed that human touch so much. Up to this point I had been shunning people away and keeping to myself (this was my turning point). I am not sure what I would have done if I did not have Bereaved Families to talk to. Whenever I have a bad night, I pay them a visit and for some reason walk out completely rejuvenated and any sadness, fear and anger is gone. This is why I feel it is very important (at least for me) to be open about my feelings and talk about them to people because after I do, I feel the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders.”
— R.M.

“A special thank you to BFO Cornwall. It is sad to think that so many communities need help from an organization like yours, but no office is in proximity. How very lucky we are here in Cornwall. Keep up the super work. You are truly dedicated people.”
— K.L.

“This is a service that nobody wants to need, but are so comforted that it is there.”
— B.M.

“They don’t teach people how to grieve in school, so I was completely unprepared with how the loss of my sibling affected me. The Closed Group at Bereaved Families helped me immensely.”
— P.M.

“Notre groupe était fantastique. Nous nous complétions vraiment et n’avions aucun scrupule à partager entre nous. Je me suis sentie ni jugée, ni critiquée, mais comprise.”
— L.V.

“Thanks to the Group and the Facilitator, I can now breathe more freely, I can see my parents in a new light and even though I might still cry a tear or two…I welcome them.”
— L.M.

“My wife & I attended the Loss of a Parent Closed Group. We found it helpful to understand about grief, that there are many ways to grieve and that there is no wrong way to grieve. This outlet for voicing our inner feelings was a God-send and we are glad that this group was available to us.”
— A. & S.

“Everyone suffering the loss of a loved one should consider participating in a Closed Group. Thank you for all the help…love…and listening!”
— J.D.

“In my “One-on-One” sessions with a Facilitator, I never felt hurried through like I did elsewhere. The Closed Group gave me the opportunity to share my pain, my loss and my struggles with other people who had experienced a similar loss. I am thankful for the Facilitators’ genuine care & support. I hope BFO will be supported in this beautiful, healing ministry to the broken-hearted like me.”
— J.M.