Charities for the 2018 Ghost Walk

Charities for the 2018 Ghost Walk Bereaved Families is honoured to have been chosen as one of the Charities for the Ghost Walk 2018. We appreciate that the committee believes in the work that we do in the community and that they acknowledge our contribution by selecting our agency to receive funds that will sponsor […]

Testimonial Series: Jack

Jack’s son was killed in an automobile accident in March 2002. He and his wife attended a Closed Group for “Loss of a Child” shortly after the accident. A summary of their testimonial is the following: “We thank Bereaved Families for bringing us through the hardest years of our lives”. To this day, Jack is […]

Testimonial Series: Francis

Francis has lost many loved ones through death. He learned that grief was a very unique kind of pain and that there was an agency in Cornwall to help the bereaved. In January 2015, he joined the Board of Directors. A year later, he became Board President. Francis works tirelessly to bring public awareness about […]

Testimonial Series: Denise

Denise lost her husband, companion and best friend after a prolonged illness. The emptiness and loneliness she felt were overwhelming. She came to Bereaved Families for support. Now, a few years later, Denise has trained to become a Facilitator and Co-Facilitates the Closed Groups for “Loss of a Spouse”. She admits that helping others who […]

Testimonial Series: Monique

Monique was devastated when she lost her husband. He had beaten cancer when they were a very young couple. But this time, it was not meant to be. Monique reached out to Bereaved Families and appreciated the support she received as she dealt with the overwhelming feelings of widowhood and all secondary losses she also […]

Testimonial Series: Jacob

Jacob was always very close to his grandfather and spent a great deal of time with him, made easy by the fact that they lived in very close proximity. When his grandfather died, Jacob’s world changed forever. He missed him terribly. At Bereaved Families, he expressed his grief openly. He learned coping skills to deal […]

Testimonial Series: Simon

Simon came to Bereaved Families to deal with his most recent loss, that of his father. In a very short time, we discovered that his grief was intensely complicated because of unattended grief from childhood and several losses in adulthood. Most of his family is gone and Simon felt completely alone. Once his losses were […]

Testimonial Series: Elizabeth

Elizabeth came to Bereaved Families shortly after the death of her father. She was stuck in her grief, felt alone with her emotions and had no hope for her future. But as we were accompanying her in that journey, she discovered there was another journey she needed to travel before she could be at peace […]

Summary of Family Day Extravaganza 2018

At Bereaved Families, we support children as young as 4 years old, teens and adults. Therefore, we thought it would be a great idea to have a special day dedicated to FAMILIES. What more appropriate day than FAMILY DAY. Our first Family Day Extravaganza far exceeded the organizing committee’s expectations. It was heartwarming to see […]