Grief is…

Grief is the total feeling of disorientation.
Grief is lying on the floor sobbing, when it has never happened to you in your life before.
Grief is awaking at 5:00 in the morning with that old newsreel of your loved one death running around in your head.
Grief is sitting in a group among friends and feeling “I cannot tolerate this another minute. I have to get out.”
Grief is going to shop, looking at a jar of peanut butter and bursting into tears.
Grief is total inability to relate to the members of your family in the way that you would like to.
Grief is many powerful emotions, totally unknown to you and unexpected until the death of your loved one.


Grief is a cleansing of the non-essentials of one’s life.
Grief can be an opening to something richer and better.
Grief is like a summer storm – that horrible crashing and thunder, clearing the air, and then one can begin to move forward – but you have to allow yourself, and society has to allow you to express your grief.